All Over Colouring
Short $60.00
Medium $70.00
Long $80.00
Extra Long From $90.00
Regrowth $50.00
T-Section Regrowth $40.00
Stand Alone Toner From $25.00
Add Toner (To Colour) From $25.00


Foils (Up To 4 Weeks)
¼ Head From $60.00
½ Head From $80.00
¾ Head From $100.00
Full Head From $120.00

Balayage and Colour Correction *Quoted on Consult


Includes Wash and Blowdry.

Short $40.00
Medium $45.00
Long $50.00
Restyle P.O.A.
Dry Trim Available From $35.00
Trim with Colour Service From $35.00
Men's Cut $25.00
Clipper Cut $15.00
The Little Ones
Baby 0-3 Years $10.00
Child From $15.00
Teenager $25.00


Blow Dry
Blow Dry (Includes Waves/Straightening) From $30.00
Wash + Blast Dry $20.00
Blow Dry with Colour Service $15.00
Waves/Straightening From $30.00
Upstyle From $50.00

Our Salon's Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that prices on our website are an estimate only. Extra product may be charged for longer/thicker lengths. A full consult will be carried out before a service is conducted.

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